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07 February 2009 @ 09:05 pm

Resource Post

At long last! I am trying my best to post a resource post.
I plan to make a resource post to thanks all my sources.
I'm so sorry that it took so long to post this.



Flowers of gratitude to...


neke - for georgeous Alan Rickman bases
karanna1 - for bunches of Angelina Jolie, Amy Adams, Enchanted, Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, Harry Potter, Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette, Phatom of the Opera and Pirates of the Caribbean bases
punkette4vab - for sets of Anne Hathaway, Mulan, Mr. Bean and Prince Caspian bases
lore_85- for chic fashion, stock and tiger bases
eriksangel84- for cute Tinkerbell bases
famouslstwrdsxx - for Keira Knightely bases
fruity_taste - for Lion King bases
amazingly_me - for another batch of Keira bases
rainbownights - for Disney's Lion King, Little Meramid and Beauty and the Beast bases
wyszeptane - for Orlandom Bloom with Kirsten Dunst bases
rockappeal - for Pirates of the Caribbean bases


Fly away kisses of thanks to...


nokitas - for very useful trenches textures
lalita_b - for beautiful light textures
yunhe - for random textures
acidroses - for cute notebooks textures
fallingconfetti - for light texturtes, blue flower & lava light textures


Basket of thanksgiving grapes to...


cdg - for grungy hearts and star brushes
sherry_g - for random  text brushes
aino_hanako - for snowlights brushes, lovetrans brushes, rainbow jam, summer lemonade poem brushes
mylynn - for random brushes
ennife - for cute tiny text brushes
coy_dreamer - for another cute tiny text brushes



~ewanism - grungy textures
~acidicicons - notebook textures
~Sanami276 - textures
~xsleepingswanx -lens flare textures
~sheowns -random textures

~ghostsheep- tiny text
~tunichtgut-tiny text
~drag-my-soul- crowns brushes

For more Saula goodness. =)


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29 November 2008 @ 05:45 pm
We are done doing the research on our term paper. And, this can't be done without taking random pictures.

They decided to take group pictures for the note pages of the term paper.

Here is my favorite picture:

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28 November 2008 @ 07:02 pm
Yes... we lost at the contest. We ended up being 2nd runner up.

But, I had a lot of fun. I also made a new friend Kristine. I can't forget how fun it is to be in the chorale. =)
We will revenge next year for sure.
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15 November 2008 @ 01:44 pm
Yay! Our school yearly held a Cultural Contest, and for this year our contest theme is based on "Peace on this Christmas" line.  There are different sections of contest namely:

-Ballroom Contest
-Chorale Contest
-Interpretative Contest
-Singing Contest (Duet)

And also, for the intelligent in the school, the Academic Contest is held before the Cultural Contest. Unfortunately, I am not ''that" intelligent.

But luckily, I am (or rather "we") are going to compete for the Chorale Contest. Since first year, our batch is the defending champion so we want to win until fourth year. Good luck on us... =)
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13 September 2008 @ 01:26 pm

It's been so long since I posted icons here! Well, I've been looking forward to post again. And now... I posted a lot.
I made some pretty ones... I hope.

And it is my first try to do coloring...!!!!

I love the disney icons I've made. But they're quite few.

Also, I made banners... Mosty POTO.

Sorry... I fancy icons with text... Rare text-free icon. =P

001-015 - Disney
016-031 - Phantom of The Opera 2004 film
032-039 - Gerard Butler


And here goes the iconsCollapse )
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08 September 2008 @ 09:15 pm

In the first week of September, our 2008 Sport fest or "Intramurals" is held. Everyone is excited since it was postponed in the last week of August.

In September 3, 2008 Wednesday, is the Opening Ceremony. After the ceremony, the games soon started.
All of the games in our Spor tfest are:

-Dance Sport
-Sepak Takraw
-Table Tennis

Were the Seniors (all the 4th-year students) won as the over-all champion, with 11 golds.

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30 June 2008 @ 04:58 pm
LOL. I was admitted at Calamba Medical Center for 4 days. It was a rainy friday afternoon when mom and I went to the hospital. I was very weak, I had a headache and my body temperature is really high. The worst is my bowel movement is abnormal. So the doctor advised us to had me admitted at the hopital. As for me, this is my first time bieng admitted.

Living there for 4 days is hard. Especially when the dextrose is attached on you. And every hour, I think, there's a nurse disturbing your sleep. They always get samples of my blood, check my body temperature, check my blood pressure and any other random stuff.

Good thing my best ever cousin Beth visited me for at least one day with my clumsy sister. They did my day a bit happy. They sleep on the bed, play with the air conditioner, eat all the foods and stuff that makes me go crazy with them.
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